Serious Serious x Kalana Saund Sõru Sadam July 27, 2018
Serious Serious recs manifesting itself at Kalana Saund alongside Jacob Samuel, Kisling, Regret & Benzokai.

Artwork by Grete Ly Valing aka Regret.

Serious Serious x NOTAFE Koidu Seltsimaja July 11, 2018
Serious Serious brings it’s fellow artists to NOTAFE, live sets by Kisling (A), Cubus Larvik, Benzokai!

Practice Room EKKM Jan 31 & Mar 3, 2018
Practice Room I-II was a series of two events in early 2018. The format of the event reflected the wish for a communal and non-elitist experience around experimental music and djing. We started by leaving one spot for anyone to sign-up.

Practicing dj-culture with Mihkel Kleis, Artyom Astrov, NexTrax, Karmo Järv, RenzO, Andres Lõo, and Kisling.

Serious Serious x Von Krahl Von Krahl November 9, 2018
Serious Serious' night at Von Krahl featured release-show by Benzokai & Tont, with live appearances by Renzo, Poon, Edgards Rubenis, and dj-sets by Ando Naulainen, Pire Sova and Birchess.
Artyom Astrov ‘Background Music’ release-nite Kanuti Gildi SAAL March 30, 2017 Tunnel / LIVE SHOW Kanuti Gildi SAAL September 27, 2016 Tunnel / LIVE SHOW Buchhandlung 777 September 21, 2016 Benzokai ‘Identities too abstract’ feat Ratkiller VIUU June 10, 2016 ‘Tunnel’ release launch TOPS April 27, 2016 EDASI, RIN-LA, ILYA I ALISA EKKM September 3, 2015