Kisling “Old Life”
SRS16, 2022

Distant resonances of what we had. An uncanny notion of what might come. KISLING’s release Old Life surfaces memories and foreshadows an eerie future. Carried by warming guitar samples that inject glimpses of a familiar past, this music bestows both hope and gloom.

At a notable turning point in history where geopolitical, social and ecological issues press into our daily lives, KISLING invokes a feeling for what might be at loss. Seeded deep in our bodies, the vibrancy of spiritual song, the afterglow of campsite music, or the tunes of a millennial youth clash against a numerical grid of audio spectral analysis that distorts the memories of an all too idealized past. KISLING’s composition method, highly informed by digital processing, and meant for contemporary DJ equipment, subtracts and morphs live recorded guitar samples into concrete snippets that propose a ‘new real.’ KISLING arranges and distorts her tunes on a set of Pioneer CDJs, enriching this musical experience with the immediacy and spontaneity of mixing techniques. This gives way to an imaginative material that scrutinizes the limits and promise of music.

Liner notes by Lona Gaikis

Guitars, violin by Artjom Astrov
Mastered by Andreas Harrer

Cover photo by Horst Dobnig
Graphic design by Florian Pfaffenberger

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Kisling “Old Life”